For rooms such as offices, medical and technical rooms

Door Mod. Office Type (door thickness 40 mm) with 1 or 2 panels are suitable for rooms such as offices, medical and technical rooms where there is the need to separate work environments.

They are made from high-quality components that allow for quick installation and durability. The handle is supplied with a key as standard. The door panel is insulated with polyurethane foam, which guarantees the structural rigidity of the door.

The door edge is made of silver-anodised aluminium and the frame edging of white-painted aluminium. The door comes complete with a rubber gasket and plastic hinges.

The doors are available in zinc-plasticised sheet metal (various colours), in stainless steel with ScotchBrite finish or in fibreglass.

Additional accessories are also available to enhance the functionality of the door:

  • Doorstop with slowdown and approach system;
  • Standard push-to-open handle or with free/occupied indicator;
  • Internal panic exit bar (with 1 locking point) with stainless steel tube and external handle with key;
  • PUSH BAR panic exit device (with 1 locking point) with external handle with key;
  • Electric lock with the possibility of bedge connection or remote opening;
  • Plexiglas oval porthole with rubber frame.

Technical Specifications

door panels in plastic-coated zinc sheet metal similar to RAL 9016;

pad thickness 70 mm

silver-anodised aluminium door frame;

door injected with 40 kg/mc polyurethane foam;

perimeter seals on 3 sides – excluding lower seal;

frame in painted aluminum similar to RAL 9016;

connecting plates and rail covers in plastic-coated zinc plate similar to RAL 9016 (on request also in AISI 304 stainless steel);

external hinges in black plastic;

office type handle complete with key lock;

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