For temperatures not lower than 0°C

Hinged door mod. TNC 70 (door thickness 70 mm) can be used for refrigerated rooms where the temperature is not below 0°C and where a suspended overhead rail is required for moving goods.

At the top of the door frame there are two fixed closing flaps made of food-grade material and a special food-grade rubber (shaped around the guideway) that allows the passage of transport trolleys then closes the hole around the guideway.

Made with high-quality components that allow the door to be adjusted with minimal effort.
The door handle is supplied as standard with a key and internal release system to enable exit even if the door is locked.

The doors are available in zinc-plasticised sheet metal (various colours), in stainless steel with ScotchBrite finish or in fibreglass.

Optional fittings are available on request, depending on the environment in which the door will be used and the customer’s needs.
• PVC frame cladding with stainless steel and 15/10 stainless steel;
• only one stainless steel or plastic-coated zinc sheet panel in one of the available colours;
• supply of stainless steel connecting sheets.

If the door is installed under special environmental conditions and if there is a raised panel inside the room (forming a step between the door and the outside of the room), it is possible to create a raised threshold of the desired thickness, which can be used by the customer to install a ramp to access the room.

Additional accessories are also available to enhance the functionality of the door:

  • Doorstop with slowdown and extended approach system;
  • Internal panic exit bar (with 1 or 3 locking points) with stainless steel tube and external handle with key;
  • PUSH BAR panic exit device (with 1 or 3 locking points) with external handle with key;
  • Electric lock with the possibility of bedge connection or remote opening;
  • Square porthole (or desired size) with safety glass.

Technical Specifications

door panels in plastic-coated zinc sheet metal similar to RAL 9016 or other colours (on request also available in AISI 304 stainless steel or GRP);

pad thickness 70 mm

door frame silver-anodised aluminium (on request also covered with AISI 304 stainless steel)

door injected with 40 kg/mc polyurethane foam;

adjustables ramp hinges

perimeter and lower seal in closed-cell foam rubber;

food and rubber fixed mirroring;

food-safe shockproof PVC frame in white similar to RAL 9016

connecting plates and rail covers in plastic-coated zinc plate similar to RAL 9016

lock with key and internal release;

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